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"Superannuation helps you plan your retirement."

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Superannuation & SMSF

Superannuation & SMSF is a great way to set money aside for retirement, money that lets you have an enjoyable life after you leave the workforce.

The money comes from contributions made into your super fund by your employer and ideally, topped up by your own money.

At Peacheys Investment Services Pty Ltd, we can give you expert advice on how to maximise your superannuation in the following 4 areas:

1. Tax benefits of superannuation

The main advantage in using an SMSF is the ability to own specific assets, e.g. investment property and directly owned shares. This combination using depreciation allowances and franking credits on share dividends can assist in:

2. Cash flow benefits

Whilst getting older can be daunting, there certainly can be some benefits! The Income Tax Act allows for “more senior” business owners to lower their wages allowing extra cash flow through a mechanism called the Transition to Retirement Pension. This allows a portion of income to be earned from your superannuation fund with considerable tax benefits.

3. Employer superannuation (SGC)

Most people are entitled to compulsory super contributions from their employer. From 1st of July 2014, these super guarantee contributions must be at least 9.50% of your ordinary earnings, up to the ‘maximum contribution base’.

4. Insurance in super

There are a number benefits of having insurance within your super fund:

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Death with super

It is extremely important that you consider how and to whom you will leave your superannuation death benefits to. A nomination of a death benefit can only be made to dependants or a legal representative. We can assist you with nominating a beneficiary and allocating a percentage of your benefit to be paid to each person nominated.

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Self-managed superfunds

Like other Super funds, Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) are a way of saving for your retirement. The difference is that a SMSF’s allows you to invest in the manner you choose, giving you greater control over your investments. We offer professional advice on SMSF, as opting to go down this path can be a major financial decision.

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