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"Using the right tools can help you reach your goal faster."

Use The Right Tools

Tools to keep your budget under control

We all want to achieve a level of comfort and security with our personal finances; in fact, it’s something most people strive towards for most of their adult lives.

Keeping your finances in order isn’t always easy, and often requires the use of simple budgeting tools for guidance. At Peacheys, we advise our clients to use the simple and user-friendly financial planners and calculators provided by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

The tools provided by the ASIC are easy to use and versatile, and will suit a range of different lifestyles and budgets.

ASIC’S financial tools

Listed below are 4 different tools designed to help you get started on the path to healthy personal finance.

You can choose from an Online Planner, an Offline Excel Document (XLS), an App for your smartphone or an Online Savings Goal Calculator.

Each of these tools serves a specific purpose and will help you better manage your budget.

Online Planner

This budget template enables you to: work out where your money is going and create your own custom items.

Excel Planner

Use this offline excel document on your computer anytime. Simply download it and start fill out your budget.

Planner App

Looking after your money is a chore. Pocketbook uses computing power to make it super simple.

Savings Calculator

The savings goals calculator allows you to calculate how long it takes you to achieve a savings goal.


The Importance of A Budget and Budgeting Tools

No planning=No goals

In any aspect of life, it is hard to reach a goal without a workable plan to get there. It’s the same with personal finance. Having a solid, workable financial plan will help you achieve your financial goals quicker and with less stress.

Planning for retirement

Surprisingly, a very small percentage of people actually plan for their future retirement. Not having a financial plan for your long term future is incredibly risky.

Preserve your time and money

Choosing the wrong type of financial advice could cost you your hard-earned money, and potentially set you back years in terms of reaching your goals. Make sure you choose a credible adviser – there is plenty of advice and tools available to help you make the decision.

The tools listed here will give you an excellent head start, and a better understanding of your own budget and goals. For more financial planning tools, visit the ASIC’s MoneySmart website.

Benefits of Planning tools

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